T-Amadi, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

From procurement and supply of efficient electrical products to systematic installation and round‐the‐clock quality services, Ashbard assure  clients of value for money. Ashbard in partnership with SACEM Industries, Tunisia, has built a reputation in providing efficient products and associated technical services that are essential assets in power generation, transmission and distribution in the energy sector.

Electricity and Power

Ashbard has built a reputation in providing efficient products and associated technical services that are essential assets in power generation, transmission and distribution in the energy sector.

We supply reliable power products such as transformers, substations from renowned manufacturers such as SACEM Industries, Tunisia, as well as batteries and accessories across a vast consumer terrain in the country.

Given the unique intricacies of each electrical setup, Ashbard specialists are positioned to give clients the expert touch in quality installations. We wield a technically dynamic team in this area of competence that assures clients of operational continuity in substations and power systems as well as long-term maintenance and system efficiency.


Electrical Installations for Transformers and Substations

Ashbard supports every phase in the life cycle of your electrical equipment. From approval, expert advice and surveyor’s reports to project coordination and controlled installation. Our solutions span across:


  • Electrical high-voltage substations
  • Electrical low-voltage networks
  • Electrical installations for machines
  • Electrical installations in buildings
  • Emergency power supply plants
  • Electrical consumer products

We have successfully executed and completed eight multinational client projects; reaching a milestone that demonstrates our capability and focused approach towards facilitating clients to reach their goals.