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Pressure Testing

Ashbard performs pressure testing across a range of equipment, both onshore and offshore. We provide innovative and cost-efficient solutions towards undertaking clients' high-pressure test tasks by achieving the highest possible test-pressure-to-operating-pressure level.

Our experienced technicians possess the right skills and technical knowhow to reliably expedite tests under the most critical circumstances. Our services provide clients the opportunity to determine the performance parameters and quality features of equipments under real-life conditions in the safest most efficient way. We can suggest means to minimize test breaks and downtime.

On-line Testing of Pressure Safety Valves

Our On-line Pressure Safety Valve Testing technique eliminates the concern of process interruption and downtime during pressure testing operation.

We provide a specialized online testing service for pressure safety valves under normal operating conditions. Our adopted global standard testing framework guarantees that safety devices are in good working condition and that they meet safety requirements of operation at production pressures. This process minimizes downtime and improves the cost efficiency associated with PSV removal, replacement and transportation. We operate in affiliation with certified foreign partners to ensure a diversified yet well-delivered all-inclusive service to clients’ installations.

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