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About Ashbard Energy

Incorporated in 2004, Ashbard Energy Company Limited is a wholly Nigerian owned and operated engineering services provider. We specialize in valve and instrumentation services, electric power equipment, procurement, technical manpower supply, and associated expert services to a network of organisations in the oil & gas and electric power sector

Over the years, Ashbard has evolved into a highly competent organization, anticipating clients’ immediate to long-term needs as well as industry transformations essential for delivering strategic solutions for optimal performance of clients’ operations.

We have successfully executed and completed eight multinational client projects; reaching a milestone that demonstrates our capability and focused approach towards facilitating clients to reach their goals.

Team & Organisation

Our people are our most valuable asset. Their broad experiences, unwavering commitment to service and dedication to client relationships are what make us different.

At Ashbard we are in the business of addressing complex challenges and finding the right answers for clients, and that requires the best people; so we place a premium on our human capital than the other resources -they are our driving force. We have systems in place that support career development with the set goal for them to attain great heights and ensure favorable outcomes for every client engagement. We share and are guided by the work philosophy of striving to achieve set goals, being dedicated to missions, and being committed to teamwork.

Team & Organisation

Ashbard business operation is structred across key divisions and functions with resources, processes and qualified personnel driven to maximize overall organisational performance and operational efficiency under a corporate culture to realise the fruition of projects objectives and tasks.

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